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Mister B.'s
Herzog-Heinrich-Str. 38
80336 München
Phone: 089 / 53 49 01
open daily (except Mondays)
8.00 pm to 3.00 am

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What musicians say about "Mister B.'s"


Living-room-atmosphere, close contact with the audience, and lots of peanuts

"Mister B.'s is the big comfortable living-room, in which a musician ever wished to play for his friends and relatives, to spend nice jazz nights, in which one could never afford to play with the usual musicians' fee. Therefore Mister B.'s remains the one and only place with living-room-atmosphere, close contact to the audience, stylish service, perfect drinks, and - not to forget - with an almost endless peanuts supply for hungry artists. Most guests are true and therefore grateful jazz fans. We, the musicians, on these evenings give everything we have, and in exchange, we get a lot. In such an environment jazz feels like being home. Mood Indigo".
Ludger Pfeil

Probably the cosiest jazz club in the world

"For more than 12 years I've been playing with various bands at what is probably the cosiest jazz club in the world. It's so small, you feel like playing in a living-room, where one easily gets to know his audience and may even involve the guests into the concert. To me, this is charming and at the same time means a special challenge. People love to come to Mister B.'s, because they want to be close to the artists and hear them 'unplugged'. The audience makes a choice to spend the evening with me. A true insider's tip for jazz lovers. Keep swinging!"

Joy C Green


"At Mister B.'s you are not sitting in the first row, but in the middle of all. Cocktail Bar & Late Night Jazz and Light Night Bar & Cocktail Jazz.
At Mister B.'s you will find live jazz from the heard of Munichs jazz scene. And in between the best of jazz with DJ Alex."

Titus Waldenfels

"The smallest and most beautiful jazz club in Munich. I spent here so many unforgettable evenings. Thank you, Alex and Barbara!"

Tobi Hofmann