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Mister B.'s
Herzog-Heinrich-Str. 38
80336 München
Phone: 089 / 53 49 01
open daily (except Mondays)
8.00 pm to 3.00 am

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All that Jazz


If a jazz musician wants to play at "Mister B.'s" for the first time, he has to convince Mister B., Alex Best, that he fits into the place. Before hiring an artist, Mister B. wants a good understanding between himself and the musicians. A good understanding that is based on respect and appreciation. Finally Mister B. asks the musicians one crucial question: "Are you ready to play, even if there is only one listener?" Respect is important to Mister B. Respect towards the artists and respect towards his guests: "Even if just one person shows up - the person comes to hear jazz music."

What kind of music is played at "Mister B.'s"?

Mister B. offers his guests what he calls "the basics of jazz": "You either love jazz or you don't. But here, you get music, everybody can listen to: classical jazz standards, nothing extreme, no funk jazz or free jazz; nothing that makes you nervous."

Who performs at "Mister B.'s?"

Jazz musicians are creative, says Mister B, and his club offers those musicians an opportunity to live their creativity and their love towards this kind of music.

The artists playing at "Mister B.'s" are usually Munich based. Sometimes they are from other German cities, sometimes they are even international artists, stopping for a gig in Munich. While organizing the musical programme, Mister B. primarily has to consider the musicians schedules. He tries to stage at least one vocal part on a Friday or Saturday night, whereas instrumental line ups or new bands rather perform on Thursdays.

One thing all artists at "Mister B.'s" have in common

At "Mister B.'s", artists with various backgrounds meet. Professionals may play on one evening, and the next day you find music students or young musicians, who just started with their own band. One thing is common to all of them: It takes a lot of guts to play in the small club. The audience is much closer here than on a big stage, and according to Mister B. it is very attentive: "The people see, they hear and they know the music." Yet, the musicians' courage is usually well rewarded. Time and again they ask to come back and play again at "Mister B.'s".