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Mister B.'s
Herzog-Heinrich-Str. 38
80336 München
Phone: 089 / 53 49 01
open daily (except Mondays)
8.00 pm to 3.00 am

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Where friends meet


There is no such thing as a typical crowd at "Mister B.'s". There are students and retired people, there are street sweepers and university professors.

Socializing to the beat

Whereas in the early years of "Mister B.'s" more people came just out of curiosity, nowadays most guests frequently return to the jazz club at Goetheplatz. "Some people told me, the place is an oasis to them", says Mister B. While music is the focal point of the club, socializing is to some equally important. Guests may have had a hard day and just go to "Mister B.'s" to relax.

While a jazz band plays on stage, the people usually listen attentively. Quite often they just whisper, thus showing their respect towards the music. "Respect" is a "leitmotiv" to Mister B.; respect towards the music and respect towards the guests.

Foto: Barbarossa

Sometimes in an oasis you meet people you don't usually expect. Mister B. remembers a group of young handicapped people who went to discover Munich's night life. They first went to the movies and then spent the rest of the night at "Mister B.'s". Once a couple wanted to go out with their 90 year old mother. They took her to "Mister B.'s".